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Customize this subsection to contain the subsections necessary to comprehensively define the
fundamental actions that must take place within the software to accept and process the inputs
and to process and generate the outputs.

Fundamental actions in functional requirements include:

  1. Validity checks on the inputs
  2. Exact sequence of operations
  3. Responses to abnormal situations, including overflow and communication facilities
  4. Effect of parameters
  5. Relationship of outputs to inputs, including
  6. Input/output sequences
  7. Formulas for input to output conversion
  8. Definitions of the responses of the software toall realizable classes of input data in all realizable classes of situations

Functional requirements should include specific requirements for business rules. Business rules
describe and document the steps in a business process. It may be appropriate to partition the functional requirements into sub functions or sub processes. This does not imply that the architecture or software design will also be partitioned in that way.

The two common means of specifying functional requirements are functional decomposition and
use cases. Subsection templates for each of the means of specifying functional requirements are provided

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